Story Time - Even Guardian Angels Need to Pray

Penny For Your Thoughts 

Short Story - Even Guardian Angels Pray

A single moment in time pauses and this is how I was captured. Are you wondering what led to this moment of prayer?

At the moment this was captured, I was sending pennies to a loved one because at this moment, she was crying.

You see, I am a guardian angel to a very special little girl. From the moment she was born, I am with her. I'm not her only guardian angel. She has many that love and support her. Some are living and some are unseen, but we are always there with loving help.

She doesn't know it yet, but she was made to change the lives of those she interacts with in her own special way. She doesn't know it yet, but today will be one of her defining moments. A moment that changes her into the person that she is to become.

Not everyone takes these moments and acts on them. Not everyone values these moments.

I like to think of these moments like pennies. A penny is small, and isn't worth much by itself.  A penny is easy to pass up, and is easy to forget. But when you combine that one penny with more pennies it builds into something greater. 

I hope that she recognizes this moment. I hope that she studies it, and seeks to understand the value of this moment.

This is a moment I've been waiting for 13 years to see happen for her.

But for her, in this moment, she is crying.

Crying because she worries. She's afraid of so many things.

She worries about singing in front of people, even though her joyful voice brings a smile to faces.

She is afraid of messing up at the next big game, even though she has been playing since she was 4.

She worries about what other people think of her, even though she is smart, pretty and thoughtful.

She worries about whether she is wearing the right shoes, the right pants, even the right watch like the 'popular' girls.

She worries....about so many things.

More worries and fears than I can count.

She doesn't see that what brings joy to her isn't what brings joy to the girls she compares herself to. The material things aren't what makes her special. It is her heart, the actions she takes, her humor, her joy, her love of animals, and her voice that makes her shine.

Today is a special day.

But right now she's crying. So I close my eyes and send her positive thoughts and prayers.

These thoughts I send to her are also like pennies. Her worth and self-confidence grows every time she accepts them. But it is up to her whether she takes the pennies to build value in herself.

Right now, as she is crying into her pillow, I know she hears me. In the back of her mind, she hears me. I pray the value of my pennies are more valuable than her worries. I pray that when the tears subside, she will be renewed because what I say is true.

I say to her 'Do not worry. You are loved. You are treasured. You are more valuable than any material thing. You are priceless.''

I pray for her to pick up these positive pennies. 

Let's Chat About the Story - Ideas for Talking with Kids

      1. What do you worry about?
      2. Is your guardian angel sending you pennies too?  Are you picking them up?
      3. What can you do when you start to worry about something?
      4. Do you think your parents ever worried about the same thing you worry about right now?  Ask them.
      5. List 5 things about yourself that you love.
      6. List 5 things that you are grateful for.

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