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Enjoy this Short Story About Monet Mouse

Before I moved here, I had no idea the world had so many colors and beautiful flowers. 

Now, all I want to do is be in and around the flowers.

So how did I get here to this beautiful garden and start painting this glorious scene? 

It’s a tail for sure. (pun intended).

Almost a year ago to the day, I was searching for food right outside Café Guerbois, a fabulous little cafe in Paris when I overheard a group of artists discussing, rather loudly, how one of their works was rejected by the “Royal Academy” exhibition.  

Based on the sounds the men were making you’d think they got their tales smashed by a cheese trap!  

They banged the table which sent food flying and spilling their wine.  They argued, and the one with the long beard and big belly pulled out a picture.  Then it got quiet and then they all leaned in to quietly talk.   

I don’t know about you, but when people lean in and start talking quietly I just have to know what they are talking about! 

So I quickly ran along the side wall to their back table to listen (and grab the food that hit the floor). After all, you and I know curiosity killed the cat, not the mouse. 

Quiet as I could, after all, I am a mouse, I went up to a coat rack next to the table and saw what they were all talking about.  It took my breath away. It was the most beautiful scene.  My first thought was ‘this place can’t possibly be real’. 

Then the man with a long beard and big belly said “they said it deviated from the traditional art and is not acceptable for them. This is my garden and how I see it, if this isn’t a work of art then I don’t know what is!”. 

I couldn’t believe my ears!  ‘So this was a real place!’ 

I knew I had to see it! My heart was leaping with joy at just the thought of being in this place.  But my mind started racing with questions!  ‘Do I want to leave behind all that I know to be in the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen? What if I can’t find food? What if there aren’t any other mice?  What if…’

But before I could come up with more questions, I saw the man put his art next to a satchel. He was getting ready to leave. 

I thought ‘Oh no!  I can’t miss this!’

So I pushed my fear aside and made the leap! Literally, I jumped down from the coat rack and then jumped into his satchel. 

I can tell you, even if I wanted to get back to that little cafe I would have no idea how to go back. 

When his bag stopped moving, I jumped out to find that I was in a room that was filled with colorful pictures like the one I saw in the cafe.  I was surrounded by beautiful flowers, scenes of sunsets and sunrises, and boats.  I’d never seen such color. 

But the color didn’t stop inside his room! To my left, there were doors going outside to where the real flowers were.  

This little city mouse stood at the doorway between a room of color and world of magic.

It was here that I learned to paint like the man who owns this house and garden.  Every day I get to paint, eat, and smell these amazing flowers. 

Every day I am so thankful that I pushed my fear aside and made the leap to a life I didn’t know was waiting for me. 

About this short story from the author:

While some of the tidbits in this story are true about Claude Monet they were jumbled a bit for the purpose of this story.  The Cafe where the Impressionist artists met existed, and Monet was initially rejected by the Royal Exhibition because his art didn't fall in line with traditional style and his garden truly is magnificent. 

Let's Chat About the Story - Ideas for Talking with Kids

Fear is powerful.  Sometimes we have to go ignore the fear to try something new.   

  1. If the mouse let his fear control him do you think he’d be this happy?  Or do you think he would wonder what if he took the leap?
  2. What is something that you did even though you were scared?

Read more about the original piece & purchase a piece to bring home!


Claude Monet Regected by Royal Academy Exhibition:,in%20the%20Royal%20Academy%20exhibition

The cafe where Claude Monet and other Impressionist painters met: 

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