Oil Painting Classes

Group Oil Painting Classes in Huntsville, AL

All Are Welcome!

Experience Level

In a group setting, you are setup to learn from each other as well as from Stephanie.

We all started at the beginning, now we have creative friends joining us on the journey.

Grow Your Skills

Monthly Areas of Focus

Where focus goes, experience grows.

Guided exercises are provided to encourage growth and exploration.


Heart of a Teacher

Stephanie is always willing to help either with hands on or providing instructional guidance. (The photographer got tired of waiting for a non-talking photo :) )


This Is Your Time

This focused time is yours to relax, be with fellow creatives, and explore or reconnect with your creative side.

Studio 270


Located in the Historic Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment

2211 Seminole Drive,
Studio 270
Huntsville, AL 35805


Saturdays from 11:30am - 2:30pm

Testimony from Jenny M.

"Stephanie is very talented and she is a wonderful teacher. She is clear with directions and guidance and adapts to working with all ages very well. She made art fun. She made me realize I am creative when I thought I wasn't. She helped make painting a fun, relaxing, stress release for me. She helped me learn new techniques, methods and a lingo I doubted I could learn. She grew the passion and love for Art that my daughter already has to the point where she wants to always paint. Now when we walk through the world Rebekah says "I want to paint that", or "I can paint that better". She's so excited about her love of art. Thank you Stephanie for enhancing and enriching our lives with your talent and teaching. We appreciate you!"


  1. You'll be able to set a specific day and time aside that you pick for your creative time.
  2. Get individual instruction on artwork that you want to paint.
  3. You'll be able to get started quickly to set that creative spark on fire.
  4. Save time and frustration trying to find good instruction on the web.
  5. Learn and reinforce oil painting techniques from a professional artist.
  6. Get access to exclusive live demonstrations not found anywhere else.
  7. Learn oil painting techniques like alla prima, glazing, scumbling, blocking in, and blending.
  8. Relax and learn from the comfort of your home OR in-person.  You choose based on your schedule and availability!
  9. Receive feedback from Stephanie and other supportive painters!
  10. Become a Positive Painter!!!

Audio Testimony From Julie

Audio Testimony from Kim

"The information in this book has helped me go from not knowing what to buy to being able to know not only what to buy but why I'm buying it!"   Katheryn L.

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