Collection: Whispers Of Harmony: Hummingbird's Tales

"Whispers of Harmony: Hummingbird's Tales"

This series of artwork portrays the enchanting journey of a courageous hummingbird named Harmony, who spreads good news and promotes harmony among animals that are typically perceived as scary or intimidating. Through her tiny wings and melodic voice, Harmony brings a message of unity, understanding, and empathy to the animal kingdom.

Each artwork in the series showcases a different encounter between Harmony and a formidable creature, highlighting the transformative power of positive communication.

Symbols in these paintings

Hummingbird - intelligence, beauty, devotion & love. Fierce fighters and defenders of their territory. Symbols of good luck.

Rabbit - compassion, intuition, luck & creativity. New beginnings, life is full of possibilities. 2023 is the year of the rabbit. The artist, Stephanie Weaver, was born in the year of the rabbit.

Ladybug - good luck, & new beginnings.

Praying mantis - courage and persistence.

Fox - cunning, playfulness & resilience, adaptable, clever, and full o mischief.

Bear - strength, courage, protection, nobility, patience, playfulness, power.

Bald Eagle - spirit, freedom & self expression.