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Crafted By Huntsville, AL Artisians

Original Owl Oil Painting "Fierce and Focused" - 48x36"

Original Owl Oil Painting "Fierce and Focused" - 48x36"

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"Fierce and Focused" is an evocative artwork born from a vivid dream. It vividly portrays a breathtaking and intense moment featuring a majestic owl. In this captivating scene, the owl is the epitome of intensity and determination, moving at such incredible speed that her feathers are scattered in the darkness, illuminated only by the ethereal glow of the full moon.

The artwork captures the essence of a powerful and awe-inspiring creature on a mission. The owl, known for its wisdom and keen senses, represents focus and vigilance. The scattering feathers symbolize the intensity and energy that the owl brings to her pursuit.

"Fierce and Focused" tells a story of relentless determination and the pursuit of a goal with unwavering dedication, even in the darkest of moments. It's a reminder that sometimes, in our pursuit of our dreams and aspirations, we must be fierce and focused, willing to shed the old to make way for the new. The artwork beautifully encapsulates the essence of determination and the relentless pursuit of one's goals in the face of challenges and darkness.

This beautiful 48x36" painting captures an owl in all its glory, bursting through the night sky with fierce intensity.

The Gallery Wrapped Canvas gives it a polished look that is perfect for any home or office.

The painting was created with:

  • Professional Grade Oil paints and powdered pigments.
  • Protected with a UV Archival Varnish
  • Professional Grade 1 1/2" Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind piece of art - order your Original Oil Painting today!

Additional Images: 

Note: The actual painting may be slightly different from the image due to the different brands of monitors, Please refer to the colors shown in the photo.

The original oil painting will be carefully packaged and shipped. I will do everything necessary for the painting to be delivered in perfect condition.

Once your item has been shipped, you will receive an email from me via email with the Tracking Number.



The Artist shall retain all rights under copyright law to which the WORK, preliminary studies, drawings, specifications, and models may be subject. The Artist represents and agrees that the Artist is the sole creator of the work and that the work has not been previously displayed in whole or part, and that nothing in the work will infringe the copyright of any third party. Nothing shall
prevent the Artist from creating future artwork in the Artist's manner and style of artistic expression.
The artist grants to buyer solely the singular work detailed herein. For the avoidance of doubt, the Artist grants no right(s) of reproduction in any format.


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