“Brushstrokes of Imagination: Creating Compelling Visual Tales”

3 Day Workshop

Are you ready to reach beyond painting still lifes or pretty landscapes to discover the magic of transforming ideas into captivating visual narratives? Throughout the 3-day immersive workshop, you'll learn how to bring your imagination to life.

Picasso said “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”

What To Expect

Before the workshop: You’ll be provided with a single subject to paint 3 times in 3 different ways, thereby creating 3 paintings of the same subject.

Day one: We’ll dive into design principles and discuss the various aspects of light and shadow which will lay a solid groundwork for your creative endeavors. In the afternoon, you’ll think outside of the box using unconventional exercises that will ignite your imagination.

Day two:
You’ll be provided with guidance on where to seek inspiration and how to compile one or more images. Then sketch and start the foundation of your painting with acrylics.

Day three:
You’ll finish the painting with oils enabling you to bring your imagination to life with the mesmerizing world of oils.

Are you ready to paint your dreams into reality? Join us for a 3-day workshop to elevate your painting skills and create captivating narratives.

When and Where

The first “Brushstrokes of Imagination: Creating Compelling Visual Tales” Workshop will be held in Stephanie’s studio in historic Lowe Mill, Studio 270, The Happy Place.

2211 Seminole Drive
Studio 270
Huntsville, AL 35801


Who This Workshop Is For:

This immersive 3-day workshop is for you if you have:

• Some drawing or painting experience.
• A desire to transcend the boundaries of traditional painting techniques.
• A yearning to move beyond simple still lifes and landscapes in order to explore the art of transforming ideas into captivating visual narratives.


Stephanie Weaver is a prolific oil painter based in Huntsville, Alabama. She has been awarded Huntsville Art League’s People’s Choice Award and the Powerful Women in Business Award (2021) for her “Happy Place” studio and awarded Best of Lessons.com 5 years in a row for her Oil Painting Instruction. She facilitates arts instruction both in her studio at Lowe Mill and online, author of the book "Art Pricing Secrets", and cohost of the Podcast "Artists Soar".

Stephanie envisions growing this community (physical and virtual)- where artists share their experiences, struggles, solutions, removing the stigma that artists are loners. Her studio at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment and her classes online facilitates these connections with artists and patrons throughout Alabama and beyond.



Stephanie will assign each student a single subject/scene to paint at least 3 times in 3 different ways before attending the workshop resulting in 3 paintings in total.

The subject/scene can be painted the same way or multiple ways - the artist’s choice. As an example: you may be assigned a leaf. Here are 3 studies of the same leaf:


9-11 am: Review the principles of Composition, Elements of Design and various aspects of Light and Dark
11-12: Break
12-3 pm: Group Painting Exercise
3-4 pm: Review and discuss the exercise.


9-11 am: Source images, journal and draw.
11-12: Break
12 - 4 pm: Underpainting: Paint the story in acrylic using a limited palette.


9-11 am: Finish the painting in Oils
11-12: Break
12-3 pm: Finish the painting in Oils.
3-4 pm: Review and discuss


The price of this class is low because you are providing your own supplies, if you find additional supplies are needed, I will have some available to purchase.

o An electronic device for sourcing images and referencing those images.
o Canvas/Panels (primed and ready for painting). I recommend Ampersand Gessobords for easy travel and easy to wipe off.
o 1 - 11x14” – this will be for the 1st day’s exercise
o 1 - 16x20” – this will be for the 2nd and 3rd day painting.
o Brushes – bring the brushes that you prefer. Bring those suited for Acrylics and a set for Oil.
o Brush Cleaner – odorless non-toxic mineral spirits
o Brush Cleaner container for spirits
o Paper towel
o Trash bags – for your paper towels

o Naples Yellow or Yellow Ochre
o Ivory Black
o Titanium White
o Alizarin Crimson
o Your favorite colors plus:
o Titanium white
o Cadmium Yellow Medium
o Yellow Ochre
o Alizarin Crimson
o Burnt Umber/Raw Umber
o Burnt Sienna/Transparent Red Iron Oxide
o Sap Green
o Cobalt Blue
o Ultramarine Blue
o Ivory Black
o Gamblin Galkyd or Galkyd Light or Galkyd Gel
o Gamblin Neo Megilp

Download Stephanie's Supply Guide

What You'll Learn:

Workshop objectives are extensive and attainable in just 3 days but will serve as the catalyst to ignite what you’ll spend a lifetime mastering:

1. Mastering Narrative Development: Participants will learn how to translate abstract ideas into coherent visual stories through their artwork.

2. Understanding Design Principles: Gain a comprehensive understanding of design fundamentals and composition techniques essential for effective visual storytelling.

3. Mastery of Light and Shadow: Learn to manipulate light sources to enhance the depth and realism of your artwork, creating compelling narratives that resonate with viewers.

4. Exploration of Acrylic Underpainting: Develop proficiency in the use of acrylic paints to create dynamic underpaintings, allowing for quick and efficient establishment of form and tone.

5. Embracing Creativity Through Exercises: Engage in innovative exercises designed to stimulate creativity and encourage participants to think outside the box.

6. Sourcing and Incorporating Imagery: Learn effective methods for sourcing and incorporating imagery to enrich storytelling within your paintings.

7. Speed and Efficiency in Painting: Develop techniques for painting quickly and efficiently, particularly during the acrylic underpainting stage, ensuring a strong foundation for subsequent layers.

8. Transitioning to Oils: Understand the process of transitioning from acrylic underpainting to oil painting, including techniques for blending, layering, and achieving desired effects.

9. Expressive Brushwork and Texture: Explore various brushwork techniques and mediums to infuse depth and emotion into your paintings.

10. Completion of a Narrative Painting: By the end of the workshop, you will complete a narrative painting that reflects your storytelling style.