🌺🐦🎨 Prepare to embark on an enjoyable artistic journey with our Date Night or Girls Night - you are in for a treat!!! 

This is your time to relax, paint, watch a movie and grab a beverage from our local meadery!  🌺🐦🎨💑"

Paint By Numbers Night!

Paint by Numbers night is an activity night like no other, where you, your friends and/or your partner create a gorgeous piece that you choose!

As you step into our welcoming studio, called "The Happy Place", you'll have the opportunity to order your favorite beverage from the local Meadery to enhance the evening's enjoyment. Sip on your chosen libations (or bring your own) and let them awaken your inner artist as you prepare to unleash your creativity on canvas.

Save Your Seat!
  • Pick What You Want To Paint

    Choose from one of the many options to paint.

    All of the pieces are 16x16" or 16x20" that will make for fabulous pieces in your home or apartment.

  • Grab Some Friends or Loved On

    Share this with someone you'd like to hang out with and register for the event.

    You choose to work independently or together on a piece.

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  • Register

    Arrive at "The Happy Place", order a beverage (or bring your own) a movie will be playing and ready for you to relax, chat and paint!

    Let's Do This! 

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