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How to Paint Eggs in a Towel Master Class Reference Materials

How to Paint Eggs in a Towel Master Class Reference Materials

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Learn to paint with oils with this digital download and the playlist available on my Youtube Channel.

Masterclass: How to paint a still life of eggs in a towel.

In this masterclass, you will learn the brunaille method of underpainting to create a value study, create various edges to obtain a three-dimensional effect and more.  This is a challenging course.  Read the blog post here: LINK to the Blog Post "Oil Painting Masterclass: Painting Eggs in a Towel"

About the Video Series.

Each week a segment of this course will be released with a focused purpose.  I have it broken up in timeframes of weeks, although you are not restricted to take it week-by-week, I do encourage you to take the time at each step to get the painting to the point where you like it BEFORE you proceed to the next step.

Below is what you’ll learn each week.   

Week 1: You’ll gain an understanding of:

  • The 6 basic shadow and light areas.
  • Why understanding light and shadow is important to the painting
  • Overview of 3 different value under-painting styles
  • Practical painting: paint with me in a Brunialle under-painting.

Week 2: You’ll gain an understanding of:

  • 3 types of edges.
  • How to use edges to control the viewer’s eye.
  • What you can use to create edges.
  • Practical painting: paint with me and define where you want your viewer’s eye to go.

Week 3: You’ll gain an understanding of:

  • How to apply glazes
  • Why glazing takes your painting to the next level
  • How to apply zinc white in glazes to prevent cracking
  • Practical painting: paint with me, starting with glazing in the darkest areas first.

Week 4: You’ll gain an understanding of:

  • Patience, each layer of glaze intensifies
  • How to critique your work.
  • Practical painting: paint with me additional glazing layers
  • Practical painting: show and tell.


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