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Crafted By Huntsville, AL Artisians

"The Little Guys Win!!" original oil painting 18" x 24"

"The Little Guys Win!!" original oil painting 18" x 24"

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The Little Guys Win! is the last in the series “Fat Cats Should Not Rule” that depicts an exhilarating artwork.  It visually narrates a triumphant tale of the underdogs prevailing against all odds. In this vibrant scene, a once-arrogant fat cat now finds itself trapped within the confines of a bird cage. The fat cat is not ashamed, instead, the defeated cat’s look is plagued with anger boiling under the surface, showing that power and control is an obsession and fear is the means in which it is obtained. Meanwhile, a jubilant congregation of mice and birds surrounds the cage, celebrating their unexpected and hard-fought victory.

"The Little Guys Win!" encapsulates the enduring message that justice and freedom can prevail, even when it seems impossible, but it will not be gifted by the oppressors.  It serves as an inspiring reminder that when individuals from different backgrounds come together to challenge inequality and oppression, they can achieve remarkable victories. The artwork embodies the joy of triumph over adversity and the belief that a united front can bring about positive change.


- Original oil painting so you will be the only one with the original.
- Size 24x30 inches, ideal for a space on a shelf that needs the perfect little painting!
- FRAMED in a simple and elegant gold floater frame.  
- Includes certificate of authenticity, signed and dated. I recommend keeping the certificate with the piece by placing it on the back of the painting or framed piece.

This is not a print, not a poster, nor digitally created. I painted this myself.

-Please note, that the colors shown may vary from monitor to monitor.

-The original oil painting will be carefully packaged with wrap and shipped. I will do everything necessary for the painting to be delivered in perfect condition.
-Once your item has been shipped, you will receive an email from me with the Tracking Number.


The Artist shall retain all rights under copyright law to which the WORK, preliminary studies, drawings, specifications, and models may be subject. The Artist represents and agrees that the Artist is the sole creator of the work and that the work has not been previously displayed in whole or part, and that nothing in the work will infringe the copyright of any third party. Nothing shall
prevent the Artist from creating future artwork in the Artist's manner and style of artistic expression.
The artist grants to buyer solely the singular work detailed herein. For the avoidance of doubt, the Artist grants no right(s) of reproduction in any format.


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