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Crafted By Huntsville, AL Artisians

Five Faces Of Grief Collection - Signed - Limited Edition - 5 Piece Print Set

Five Faces Of Grief Collection - Signed - Limited Edition - 5 Piece Print Set

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This 5 piece limited edition set is perfect for creating a gorgeous, uplifting collage of artwork or fill the spaces of your home with artwork that ignites joy of what is and what will come. 

The centerpiece of the collection "Five Faces of Grief" is the "Girl in a Field" which represents Hope and Acceptance.  For that reason, the 5-piece set you'll receive will have 1 16x20" of the "Girl in a field" reminding you there is always hope, sometimes the wind just needs to blow for the clouds to pass.

With this piece you'll also receive 4 11x14" of the remaining pieces: 

  • "I'm Done" - beautiful scene of a girl looking at a fire while resting on a beach
  • "She Won't Listen" - an angel reminding you to listen to your instincts
  • "Praying for Patience" - an angel reminding you that no matter what you are loved.
  •  "Girl in Red" - a vibrant red piece of artwork of a little girl reminding you that the grass is green and waiting for you to step into it. 

Each piece will be signed, numbered and unframed.

The tone of voice in this artwork is joyful, offering a beacon of hope in the darkness. The artwork is perfect for displaying in your home or office. It's also a great gift for anyone who has experienced grief and is looking for acceptance and hope.  They are never alone and hope is just a few steps away.


Printed on wonderful radiant white Moab Somerset Museum Rag.  This paper foundation combines an archival 100% matte cotton heavyweight paper with a smooth surface, sensuous to the touch while durable to everyday handling, with the latest in coating technologies to produce unparalleled color. This artwork is not stretched and will arrive in a protective tube mailer.

Please allow some time for our wonderful local printer to create your print, sign and number. Processing time is dependent on the number of prints we have in the works (usually 2 weeks).


The Artist shall retain all rights under copyright law to which the WORK, preliminary studies, drawings, specifications, and models may be subject. The Artist represents and agrees that the Artist is the sole creator of the work and that the work has not been previously displayed in whole or part, and that nothing in the work will infringe the copyright of any third party. Nothing shall
prevent the Artist from creating future artwork in the Artist's manner and style of artistic expression.
The artist grants to buyer solely the singular work detailed herein. For the avoidance of doubt, the Artist grants no right(s) of reproduction in any format.


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