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Crafted By Huntsville, AL Artisians

"Are you protected or trapped?" original oil painting 30" x 30"

"Are you protected or trapped?" original oil painting 30" x 30"

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Original Oil Painting


“Are You Protected or Trapped?” This is the inaugural piece in a thought provoking series entitled "Fat Cats Shouldn't Rule," created at the outset of the pandemic. In this captivating artwork, a plump and imposing cat stands before the entrance of a tiny mouse's house. The feline's gaze, simultaneously curious and predatory, raises an essential question: Are we protected in our havens or inadvertently trapped by our circumstances?

This artwork serves as a poignant reflection on the early days of the pandemic when many were confined to their homes, highlighting the stark contrast between those who found comfort and security in their dwellings and those who felt trapped by their living conditions and controlled by the fat cats of the world. The fat cat, symbolic of privilege and excess, serves as a metaphor for societal inequalities that became more evident during these trying times.

"Are You Protected Or Trapped?" is a creative commentary on the disparities in our world and a call to question the status quo, encouraging viewers to consider the true meaning of protection, fear and control. This painting sets the tone for a series that challenges the notion that the 'fat cats' should hold all the power and emphasizes the importance of the ‘little guys’ to take back their freedom to pursue happiness.

    • Year Created: 2021
    • Title: Are you protected or trapped?
    • Dimensions: 30 x 30"
    • Price: $4,160
    • Medium: Oil on Canvas


The Artist shall retain all rights under copyright law to which the WORK, preliminary studies, drawings, specifications, and models may be subject. The Artist represents and agrees that the Artist is the sole creator of the work and that the work has not been previously displayed in whole or part, and that nothing in the work will infringe the copyright of any third party. Nothing shall
prevent the Artist from creating future artwork in the Artist's manner and style of artistic expression.
The artist grants to buyer solely the singular work detailed herein. For the avoidance of doubt, the Artist grants no right(s) of reproduction in any format.


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