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Art Business Coaching

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As a Member you get  :

  • Access Entire Oil Painting Course Library
  • Monthly Challenges
  • Monthly Live sessions
  • Live & Archived Educational Sessions
  • Full Community Access
  • Quarterly Featured Artist Opportunities
  • Monthly 1-hour coaching session per month.
  • Downloadable Digital Planner by JMA Designs

Be a positive force in the art world and join this crew of positive painters!

What is Art Business Coaching?

Art Business Coaching is a bit of a broad term, so here’s what art business coaching means when you work with me: I will talk with you, one-on-one, via phone or video chat, to discuss your specific art business challenges and how to overcome them.
At a practical level, here’s what you get when you sign up for coaching:
  • monthly strategy sessions (phone or Zoom), up to one-hour long
  • email, text, and telephone access to me between sessions for help/questions
A lot of people ask me if that means I have a curriculum that I follow and here is the truth of it, there is not a cookie-cutter method!  Each artist is at a different point in their path, each artist has a unique style, target audience, strengths, and weaknesses.  As a result, each artist really needs some personalized guidance. That’s what I do in coaching.
Together, we will come up with the right next steps for your art business.

We can cover any of the following:

Art Business Strategy

Zeroing in on your marketing position by understanding:

  • Your target audience
  • Evaluating your pricing strategy
  • Current and future sales funnels.

Art Business Website Strategy

  • Review your website for user enhancements and metrics to improve marketing efforts
  • Provide technical guidance to add analytical and remarketing tools where needed
  • Discuss remarketing tactics

Evaluate or Setup Art Business Systems

Let’s talk through your systems like:
  • Sales channels
  • Inventory system
  • Financial Management and Budgeting

Art Business Social Media Strategy & Tactics

  • Tools to help with strategy
  • Setup (if not already established) and Review analytics
  • Develop a strategy for which social media to target based on target audience

Anything else!

Whatever aspect of your art sales you want to cover.
As you implement these plans, I’ll be there to help. As a coaching student, you get access to me via email between sessions, and we can also schedule catch up sessions if you get stuck. I’m here to take as many obstacles out of the way as possible.

My Art Business Coaching Approach

  • To start, I’ll send you a questionnaire to do some pre-game research on your art and art business.
  • We’ll then schedule the 1:1 call, in the call
  • We’ll first establish where you are and your key pain points and evolve from there.  This is a tailored, individual coaching session.
  • Coaching is not a guarantee of success. You agree to do the work on the ideas we come up with together, and you should get good results, but I can’t promise any specific outcome.
  • Coaching is on a month by month basis.  We will establish goals for your art and art business and it is my job to hold you accountable.  If I find that you are not doing the work for multiple meetings; I will cancel the coaching relationship because I’m not in this to waste your money or my time.  I want to help artists achieve their goals.

If you have questions prior to committing please email me at