Oil Painting Project: Paint a Pina Colada




So you know I don’t drink alcohol, but they sure do make some pretty drinks – right? Anywho, the purpose of this painting and the next three oil painting projects are to:

  • practice painting glass
  • understand how reflections and reflective light works
  • Bonus Video that will guide you on how we can use Canva to create unique overlays to go over our paintings. which you could then use to create some unique designs that you can print for invitations, canvas prints for family, etc. (Imagine this on a pool party invitation!)
Pina Colada Copy
Through practical application, you’ll gain practice using the following oil painting techniques:
  • fat over thin
  • glazing
  • scumbling
  • color theory

The best way to learn any new skill is to learn-paint-repeat. Start your painting today.