Oil Painting Project: Paint a Monarch Butterfly




Every oil painting has a challenge, whether it is the composition, technique, or color.  In this oil painting, the challenge is working with complementary colors. 

What is the big deal about complementary colors? Well, let me ask a question:  

Have you experienced muddy colors?

Muddy colors are one of the biggest frustrations of many artists.  And the answer to avoiding muddy colors or creating them on purpose resides in understanding the color wheel and color theory.  So, let’s discuss it for a minute.  There are 2 key pieces of information you need to avoid muddy colors:

  1.  You need a color wheel.  If you haven’t already invested in a color wheel, do so now.  It will be your go-to tool.  Place it in a prominent place, here is the one I have.
  2. Understand the value of complementary colors.  
Artist's Color Wheel - 9-1/4''
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🎨🎨For more a high-level overview of 3 common color theories and you can paint your own color wheel, check out this class: Color Theory for Beginner Oil Painters.🎨🎨

In this class you will learn and practice how to paint complementary colors without creating a muddy mess by planning and evaluating your approach.