Oil Painting Project: How to Paint a Yellow Butterfly on a Purple Flower




In this fun little weekly painting project, we are painting a beautifully detailed yellow butterfly that gently landed on a delicate purple flower!   

What is challenging in this oil painting project?

In this week’s oil painting project, I actually came back to the painting after I considered it complete and made some additional modifications because I wasn’t happy with the first day’s end painting.

Comparison day 1 and day 2

The result of this is bonus materials for you :).  In this project I will walk you through:

– my thinking on what I didn’t like and why

– what I did to resolve the issues

– review and implement a glazing technique

-review how I test and evaluate colors before I use them

– provide a critique self-evaluation form, so you can study and resolve any issues you see in your work.

The result, Day 2 I’m happy with the results.  There is balance and fabulous complementary colors in this simple painting