How Artists Can Create Passive Income with Print On Demand




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Every month the Positive Painter Community hosts a lunch and learn where we discuss specific topics.

This month’s lunch and learn topic is: How Artists Can Create Passive Income with Print On Demand.

In this live Lunch and Learn webinar we’ll have a discussion with Gooten (a Print on Demand Service Provider) and learn how to Create Passive income using Print-On-Demand Services.

At the end of this lunch and learn you will know about:

– Print On Demand – What is the process to ensure quality images/products – What Gooten does to support the shipping of the product – What to do if there are issues – Holiday preparation – Tips and tricks to obtain customers (Instagram and social media marketing)

In addition, the following supplemental materials are available to aid your efforts to kick start your passive income stream:

  • Create Passive Income Print On Demand Checklist PDF
  • Spreadsheet template to aid your:
    • Keyword research
    • Pricing calculations
    • Product description
  • A video tutorial that breaks down how to create a product image using Canva in the correct size.

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