Coffee Cup Composition




☕️No beans about it! ☕️ This coffee cup wall art painting is the ideal tutorial “pick-me-up” your oil painting has been craving! Whether you are just starting oil painting or an experienced oil painter, a still-life painting of a white coffee cup is a delicate challenge for everyone.

In this tutorial, using an alla prima method (meaning, paint it all at once), artist Stephanie Weaver emphasizes how to create:

  • reflections by accentuating the lights and the darks
  • a soft edge and hard edges to create a realistic 3D effect.

So, grab a cup of inspiration, your paints and relax into a wonderful still-life painting of a lovely white teacup and blue teapot.

P.S. Be sure to cover your cup of inspiration with something so you don’t dip and sip – 🙂 (I’ve been there, done that 🙂 )