6 Methods of Drawing So You Can Start Painting Quickly






What is this course about?

​In this video, I discuss 6 methods of drawing that you can employ to create a working sketch to begin your painting. Now I will also say this, my purpose of this video is to get you to start painting as quickly as possible and remove the obstacles of “I can’t draw a stick figure”, “I can’t draw a straight line” etc. Through these methods, you will be able to quickly sketch out your painting onto your panel or canvas. Which method you choose is up to you based on what you enjoy about the overall painting process and what you want to gain from the painting process.

Shari Eliff Artwork“This course is packed with lots of great information to help us become better at what we love to do…PAINT! Stephanie goes in-depth with available tools, use of the grids, free downloadable templates. Stephanie is an amazing artist who is dedicated and truly wants to share her knowledge with others. She goes into great detail to help us understand the process. I very much enjoyed the course. Thanks so much!” – Shari EliffMixed Media Artist

What you’ll learn:

  • 6 different methods of drawing so you can pick which one, or combination, is right for you.
  • How your tablet can help your drawing and painting.
  • Drawing tools and apps that are at your disposal.

You’ll be provided with:

  • 2 videos that describe the 6 methods of drawing
  • An additional video where I describe how I draw and use all 6 of these methods.
  • 3 downloadable Photoshop files to apply grids to your artwork
  • An additional downloadable with recommended tools and apps.
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group: This is where we harness the power of our community: feel free to ask questions and we will answer.
  • Closed Captioning is included in each video.
Photo Joanne Lowery“I learned from every aspect of this course but the idea that really hit home with me is this: “leave the details for the painting if you put the details in the drawing you limit yourself”. This was a foreign concept to me and I think my being so detail-oriented (OCD!) has held me back and intimidated me to the point that I did not want to start painting again. I took my first person-to-person painting course with Stephanie and learning to paint without drawing using the wipe out method, glazing, and creating shapes with color instead of lines has been a revelation. It has me interested all over again. ” – Joanne LoweryPhotographer