How To Hang Artwork



It is so hard to put holes into a freshly painted wall or worse to put multiple holes into a wall because the measurements or guesstimates are off!  Here are tips to consider before you hang artwork to prevent frustration and unnecessary holes!


Regardless of what kind of hanging hardware you use, which I discuss below, do one extra step that will prevent scratching the walls; Put Felt Pad Bumpers on all four corners of the artwork.

Now that you have added the felt pad bumpers, let’s walk through what needs to be done to hang your artwork!

Note: This post does contain Amazon Affiliate links which means if you purchase through the links provided, I receive a small commission.  With that said, everything in this post I personally use which is why I am telling you about them. 🙂

how to hang artwork protect walls

How to Hang Artwork Collages

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Creating cluster or collage artwork is a fabulous trend that has many advantages such as:

  • Allows you to show off many of your photos or children’s artwork.
  • Showcases small original or limited edition artwork that you’ve collected.
  • Allow for growth of your art collection or memorabilia.

The challenges with hanging a collection of artwork is:

  • Arranging the artwork without putting 25 holes in the wall for a collage of 5 pieces.
  • Arranging the artwork to allow for the growth of your collection.

There is really only one simple solution: If you are planning to hang 2 or more pictures, then you need the STAS Clip Rail Hanging System.

I personally use this hanging system in my home and at our gallery, Studio at Lowe Mill. The STAS Clip Rail Hanging System is easy to install, runs around $80 on Amazon, and allows for the flexible layout of your wall pieces and bonus – NO HOLES IN THE WALL!!!

Before this system, I would cut out square/rectangles to match the size of the piece, tape them to the wall and move them around.  The problem with that method is it doesn’t leave room for growth of my art I’ve collected and family pictures!  The STAS is a must-have for collage layout!

Pro Tip: Allow at least 2 inches of space between each piece of art. As for height, you can choose from two common approaches: Align the centers (use method above for all) or the tops (find the ideal placement for the largest piece then match the rest). 


A single statement piece is typically a single statement piece is large
and a nice investment piece AND a statement piece is one that will remain on the wall for years to come. 

The Art Club How to hang artwork

So when you hang a statement piece, you want to ensure it is perfectly, prominently placed. The image (below) shows specific steps on how to measure for free-standing space (like a hallway) above a couch or above a fireplace.

Pro Tip: 

The average height of viewing level is 60″, you’ll want the center of the piece to be at 60″.


How to hang artwork above the couch with layers

Pro Tip:

Leave at least 6-8 inches of space between the top of the furniture and the bottom of the art.

Pro tip: 

To keep the statement piece proportionate to the sofa, the artwork width should span no more than two-thirds the length of your sofa. The average length of a couch is 84″, so a great width for a single piece of artwork should be no greater than 56″ wide.

How to Hang Artwork Above The Fireplace

How to hang above the fireplace

Pro Tip:

Wall art looks best when its width falls between the length of the fireplace opening and the length of the mantel.

Pro Tip:

A fireplace is a perfect place for a statement piece and not a collage of pictures.


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