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Dolly Tabb

Dolly Tabb

After years of being a stay-at-home mom (or Domestic Engineer, as my preferred title) I began hand painting on china in my late 50s and quickly became a acclaimed artist in the China Painting organizations.

After 20 years of painting on china, I left China painting behind and began oil painting.  It was with oil painting that I found a whole new world of possibilities and opened myself up to the possibilities of creating fun, and colorful artwork AND I could create products and designs featuring my artwork!  


Artist's Gallery

Gingerbread Christmas Tree Skirt
Gingerbread Coasters
Gingerbread Pillows
Gingerbread Home Decor
Tree of Life Coasters
Artist Julie Noles

Julie Noles

Welcome to Cold Noses on Canvas – a convergence of two passions. Dogs and Art

My whole life I have loved (and I mean LOVED) animals of all kinds. When I worked in the corporate world all I wanted was to be at home with my dogs. 

Well about half a century later I have figured out how to do that. 

While I have been painting for a while now, once I was introduced to oil paints my trajectory changed. They allowed me to capture these animals like I wanted to and now I can’t stop.

My late aunt Pat and both of my sisters are gifted artists. I never considered myself one though until now. Something has awakened inside and I’m loving it! 
 Right now, I’m living my best life. Painting with my dogs by my side and helping others capture their pets as a forever keepsake.

Artist's Gallery

Pet portrait artist Julie Noles
Pet portrait artist Julie Noles
Pet portrait artist Julie Noles
Pet portrait artist Julie Noles
Pet portrait artist Julie Noles
Sandi Mackey

Sandi Mackey

I’ve wanted to start oil painting for over 35 years. I retired a few years ago so I have no more excuses holding me back. Did I mention I am a procrastinator?

I am happy to say that I finally started my artistic journey a little over 2 years ago! I had been so frustrated because I just felt like I don’t know what to do, (like what paint brush to use, how to make something look the reference photo and so on). I was much more tense than I should be for doing a hobby that is supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable. With the help of Stephanie Weaver, I found an art teacher and coach to help me learn what I need to know to more fully enjoy the creative process. I am getting more comfortable with the use of different paint brushes, mediums and techniques through the online painting courses offered through the Positive Painters Community.

My husband and I ran a home building business for 25+ years and prior to that I was an analytical chemist. While I love numbers and accounting, I am obsessed with the little details. I am hoping to loosen up and let my creativity flow more freely. I also love gardening, waterfalls, sunsets and taking photographs of everything I encounter. I am really looking forward to developing my abilities and having more fun in the process.


Not applicable: I am painting for the joy of painting for family and friends.

Artist's Gallery

Blue Bird painting
Born to Fly Oct20
Cabin in the mountains
Northern Lights
Wanderlust Australia Dec20

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