Ultimate Oil Painting Supply Guide

· July 28, 2020
Ultimate guide to oil painting supplies 1

Did you know that a tube of paint can range between $7 and $45, a paint brush can range between $4 and $150 and there is a TON of choices of paint brands, paint mediums, paint brushes, palettes, etc! If you just go into the store willy-nilly you will end up spending way to much and may not even have the right supplies!

Don’t start off frustrated!

Let me help you save time and money with my experience in what to purchase and, yes, I even say what not to buy.

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“I learned from every aspect of this course but the idea that really hit As a writer, photographer, and “want-to-be” oil painter, it has been my experience that the best artists in any field are the same ones who are willing to share the benefits of their experience so that we “newby”s can avoid the obstacles inherent in learning a new art form. These videos and PDF cheat sheets simplify the choices and provide hacks and fixes that will save you time, money, and your health. I am much less intimidated by the tools and materials now and ready to get started on the process.”

– Joanne LoweryPhotographer

So you want to learn how to paint…GREAT! Now what?

Welp, before you go to the craft/art store you need to consider what kind of painter you want to be. What do I mean?

For example:

  • Do you see yourself painting outside or inside your studio?
  • Do you have a large space to paint or a small space?
  • What about they types of things you want to paint, how often you want to paint, do you want to go big?.

All of the answers to these types of questions will lead you to purchasing only what you NEED. That’s right, only purchase what you need!

In this course and ebooks, I will walk you through exactly what I recommend and why for each of the above scenarios.

Invest wisely, because these supplies will last you a VERY LONG TIME.

What you’ll learn:

  • the difference between quality paint and cheap paint in how they perform.
  • the difference between the palette options and why you would choose one over another.
  • where to save your money and invest in quality supplies.
  • the different types of painting surfaces; panels vs. canvas.
  • what the value and purpose mediums and when to use them to make the paint perform differently (dry faster, slower, leave brush strokes etc.).
  • the different types of brushes and how to care for them.

You’ll be provided with:

  • 8 Instructional videos that detail the What, Why, and Hows of Oil Painting Supplies.
  • 8 Downloadable ebooks to take with you to the art supply store or purchase the supplies from the comfort of your home.
  • Access to the Positive Painter Community. This is where we harness the power of our community: feel free to ask questions and we will answer.

“Megilp is still a fun word to say. hehe
Seriously, though. LOVED your class online! I even learned a few new things, which is seriously making me want to break out my oils again. I mean, you are definitely inspiring me, girl! You asked for a sample oil of us taking the class – so, here is mine (attached!). Great Job!!!”

– Jennifer Redstreake, Watercolor Artist

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