Planning For Creatives: Plan Mindfully With Action

· December 13, 2020

As creatives, we think in terms that are different from the corporate world of planning.  I remember when I was sitting in my first career evaluation with my manager and he asked me “where do you want to be in 5 years?” Instantly I visualized myself sunning on the beach, but that is not what they wanted to hear.  What they want to hear is some managerial position, so that’s what I offered. 

I pushed my wants and dreams aside to kowtow to the cubical life.  WELP – NO MORE!

If you’ve been in the corporate world, or even in the school career counseling sessions, they always ask us where do you want to be – but they don’t want the real answer.  You deserve to give the real answer!

In this two-part series, we are going to ask you to go past the non-sense of what the close-minded want you to want and open your mind to what is important to you! 

Here you will begin to “Plan Mindfully with Action”.

Get started today to work towards your dreams of tomorrow. 

In this lunch and learn live call we discussed the following

  • Complete a 9 question worksheet to evaluate: 
    • Your Dream Big Goal (let your imagination run like it did when you were 7 years old and dreaming of your future)
    • Evaluate 4 Goals that can drive you towards Your Dream Big Goal
  • Begin Mind Mapping your Goals (watch the video to see how this mind mapping sheet works, then print yours and create your personal mind map)
  • Review Vision Board

Also included are several workbooks for the 9 questions, a mind mapping template, and a Vision Board template to help you collect your thoughts on your vision board. 

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