Landscapes can be the most freeing subject to paint because you can use your creative license to redefine the landscape.  In this painting, I encourage you to modify the landscape to include a subject that speaks to you.  Perhaps you’ll add a silhouette of a man walking a dog, or a beside a horse, or riding a horse or even add a horse-drawn carriage. 

For me, my landscapes are almost always without people because I love the idea that I’m walking into the painting… like I’m standing on the outside waiting to take the first step….so it is just me and the scene before me.  I’m outside looking in…so to speak.  Other artists want the scene to be about the people and they are part of the scene and the story.  So you decide what you want your winter scene to say. 

Over the next several weeks we will focus on:

  • creating a winter scene using warm and cool colors
  • and along the way, you’ll be provided with lots of great information about:
    • hard edges, soft edges, sfumato edges
    • which medium to use and why
    • what colors to use and why
    • and so much more

Each week, I break down the course material into bit size chunks so you can:

  • see the overall flow of the painting completion
  • pause and paint based on your schedule


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