So you know I don’t drink alcohol, but they sure do make some pretty drinks – right? Did you know there is a tequila sunrise and a tequila sunset? That was news to me! And the difference is apparently where you put the red stuff (whether you use red food coloring or grenadine).

AND for those of us who choose not to drink, I feel it is 100% necessary to provide you with the non-alcoholic version of a tequila sunrise. Check out this recipe (so you can make it, set up a still life and paint it!) – it’s just orange juice and grenadine 🙂 – easy peazy!

In this video tutorial, the focus is on:

  • practice painting glass
  • understand how reflections and reflective light works
  • Create the illusion of clear liquid by thinning down our paints.
  • Bonus Video that will guide you on how we can use Canva to create unique overlays to go over our paintings. which you could then use to create some unique designs that you can print for invitations, canvas prints for family, etc. (Imagine this on a pool party invitation!)
Oil painting online class tequila sunrise


Through practical application, you’ll gain practice using the following oil painting techniques:

  • fat over thin
  • glazing
  • scumbling
  • color theory


The best way to learn any new skill is to learn-paint-repeat. Start your painting today.



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