Do you see the problem with the reference photo?


If you don’t see the problem with this reference photo, then you need this course. If you paint from this reference photo without first evaluating the composition, you will have a technically incorrect and unappealing painting.

Step 1: Before we even begin painting we are going to review this image to identify what would make a great composition.

That’s just one thing to cover!

Over the next several weeks Stephanie Weaver will walk through, step-by-step what she does to create her paintings.

During this time you will gain an understanding of:

  • Rule of Thirds when defining the composition and how to apply it
  • Brunaille Value study and underpainting
  • Building layers to start from a color blocking and moving towards details
  • How glazing brings vibrancy into the painting
  • How to use various mediums throughout the painting process
  • How to paint figures simply
  • How to control the viewer’s eye through the composition.
  • As well as tips and tricks from an experienced, award-winning artist.

You Will Be Provided With:

  • Multiple detailed instructional videos that you can devour at your own pace
  • Multiple downloadable documentation to review and dog-ear
  • 5 weeks of online video instruction
  • Access to the Positive Painter Community
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Course Includes

  • 45 Lessons


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