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Hey Positive Painter!

Can you believe it is February!!!  Are you excited, dismayed, or just stunned that it is already February?   You can probably guess where I stand based on the quote —>>>>

But it isn’t always that way, which is why we are focused this week on the Attitude of Gratitude again AND how to Reclaim your “Me-Time“!  

I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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Weekly Newsletter Content

  • 00:13 – January 2021 Giveaway Update
  • 01:16 – Art Business Tip Episode: 2 Must-Dos to Reclaim Your Me Time (so you don’t lose your $h1t)
  • 2:35 – Weekly Discussion Topic
  • 4:03 – February’s Art Motivation: Cheezy Cherubs
  • 5:54 – REGISTER NOW: Lunch and Learn: 5 Must Do Legal Tasks for New Businesses
  • 7:20 – New Functionality in the Positive Painter Community
  • 10:00 – Bloopers – why not…. 🙂  

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Video Transcription

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[00:00:00] Hi, I’m Stephanie. We were founder of the Positive Painters Online Community coming to you this week with what’s coming up and what’s happening in the positive environment.


So what’s happened and the positive environment: we had a giveaway that lasted for the month of January and those recipients have been contacted. And so hopefully we’ll be welcoming some new members into the community and. It was [00:00:30] just kind of the luck of the draw, that’s who ended up winning. It was just click the button and it was awarded. So that’s kind of the way it works with KingSimo. Great app. Easy to use. Love that thing.
Anyway, so they have been contacted. And so as they start to roll in as positive partners in this community, I know you’ll welcome them with open arms. And I can’t wait to see some more artwork in our community as our community grows with [00:01:00] new and vibrant art and artwork and art experience. It’s so exciting. OK, so that’s what’s kind of coming up for.

[00:01:12] And then also we have this week and I have my own notes right here because, you know, I always have notes.

ART BUSINESS TIP: 2 MOST-DOS TO RECLAIM YOUR ME-TIME (so you don’t lose your shit 🙂 )

[00:01:21] Ok, so releasing at 12 o’clock on Tuesday is our business tips. And this one is all about reclaiming that [00:01:30] me time. The top two things to do to reclaim your me time. And I kind of extended that title, too. So you don’t lose your shit because if we don’t get our time, we are going to lose it at some point.

It’s just kind of a given.

So yeah, be sure to check out that episode. And then also you will be able to find it not only on Facebook and YouTube, but I will find it under the blog here. And included in the show notes for that one is a link to 101 [00:02:00] artist date ideas. These are things that you can do that might inspire you to get more of that. So creative time that you need so you don’t lose your shit.

[00:02:11] So that’s coming up. Well, that’s new on February 2nd. And I do kind of record these things before that’s released so I can get this out in time. All about time management folks. That’s why I love it.


OK, what [00:02:30] else is coming up? We got a new weekly topic, so we are in the month of February now.

[00:02:36] And what that usually means is people very forgotten about their goals. They’ve already forgotten what they were going to do in January or they’ve gotten discouraged about where they’re at in their goals. So we’re going to rewind that and put the focus on attitude of gratitude again. So this attitude of gratitude, what [00:03:00] are three things that you are thankful for that occurred in January? And then if you did four in December, what you are looking forward to in 2021 revisit that kind of bring back what you were thinking last year, which was, you know, only 30 something days ago. What were you thinking 30 something days ago and then kind of re-evaluate where you are right now because there is so much more and I love this [00:03:30] quote right here.

Each day is a gift. Don’t send it back unopened.

So attitude of gratitude, folks. Keep moving forward. You’re taking each step to get where you want to be.

OK, also, along with that, our weekly topic, so to speak, we’ve got our social media. So post any social media link that you want us to share like and comment that promotes your artwork, blog or whatever you want to release. [00:04:00]

[00:04:00] So be sure to put that there.


[00:04:03] Also, this month is the month of February. So we have a new motivation. And this month our motivation is titled Cheesy Cherubs.
And so the whole purpose behind this is to get out of your comfort zone and try something a little bit different. And we’ve got a couple pet portrait, a pet-portrait-People say that ten times fast pet portrait, people in this community. And so people people probably aren’t in our [00:04:30] comfort zone.

You might as well give it a whirl. It’s something fun, you know, and to experiment.

So this was my attempt right here. And you can read a little bit about it. I’m not done. But I did do this with a Zorn palette, which is only for oil paint colors. So if you’re not into painting it, but you do want to do a cherub, feel free, please feel free to photograph [00:05:00] digital artwork, watercolor, graphite. ALL mediums are welcome. OK, so cheesy chips. And then as you complete those or even the progress of them, put them in there, because here’s what’s happening.

[00:05:13] You are helping spark ideas for other people to do to their artwork. This painting that I did is based off of my Rafael’s painting and I just threw roses around it because I’m trying to make it a little bit tacky.

[00:05:29] So [00:05:30] that was kind of my idea. So, yeah, I feel free to post pictures we all want to see and because it’s just meant to be fun.

[00:05:40] The challenges in education continue as are. And we should be painting with childlike wonderment, right in a bring back the joy of it. OK.

[00:05:51] I love that.


OK, next up, that’s really, really big. I want to make sure that you get in on it when you go to events or when [00:06:00] you go over to your side bar on your my home. This lunch and learn five must do legal tasks is happening next week. So go ahead and register for that. You do not need to be a member to register for this replay is only available to the positive painter pro members. So if you are a positive pro, If you are not able to make it, the replay will be available.

[00:06:20] But again, I would encourage you to be there because it is going to be very interactive and I’m sure there’s going to be questions that you might want to [00:06:30] chime in on as well.

[00:06:32] Ok, so when you click on that, you’re going to be brought to a page that looks like this and that’s where you register when there’s also a link right here that’s going to pull up this survey. And this is a questionnaire so that you can pre submit any questions that you may have and then it’s asking for an email address.

[00:06:53] So just in case company has follow up questions to your question, she can email you and talk with you directly and [00:07:00] then be able to better prepare for the meeting to address any questions. Concerns just makes it better.

[00:07:06] Ok, OK, so be sure to register for that. This week we’ve got our Standard weekly activities.

[00:07:13] You know, you’ve got your Friday planning schedules and then you’ve got your Monday sharpened artist color pencil and then Tuesday tips with me.

[00:07:23] All right. So this is actually a short week this week on the positive Painter newsletter. So if you have any oh, [00:07:30] wait, one more thing.


[00:07:31] Ok, I did add new functionality, positive achievement. There was a question of platinum, how to get the platinum badge. So the platinum brush is this one. Where And activity stream messages twenty or more times.

[00:07:48] So what this is referring to, if you think about your Facebook, your Facebook shows your activity wall.

[00:07:55] Right. So that’s what we’re talking about here is when you come on to your my home [00:08:00] and you just post something new, a new question, it’s not necessarily responding to somebody in the activity stream. It’s posting something new for you and it is an activity stream rather than a forum. The difference between the two is pull up on screen here.

[00:08:19] All right. So when you post a question right here or post an entry, this is essentially starting a new conversation and [00:08:30] that’s what an activity is. So when you look at that silver, that’s what that’s talking about.

[00:08:36] Twenty or more new activities, OK, not just responding to somebody, but know, OK, but also added in this, the functionality is so that you can see how far completion you are. There is a something the developers are looking into because right now the silver and [00:09:00] the platinum are the only two brushes that are not automatically awarding, even though they’ll recognize that it is 100 percent the word just isn’t happening. So if you run into that, please contact me. You can email me at hello@StephanieWeaverartist.com and I will manually award those. OK, but that’s in the works then.

[00:09:22] That’s kind of what that’s all about.

[00:09:27] Yeah. So I think that’s [00:09:30] it. OK, so yeah, I do read your notes, if you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to post those in the community. There is also of here it is.

[00:09:41] There is also community support. And that’s where I read those questions and maybe some considerations for future for functionality. So that’s where I’ll go for that.

[00:09:52] All right. That’s it for this week. So until next time, stay safe, happy and healthy and happy painting.

[00:10:00] Bye, [00:10:00] guys.


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