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Hey Positive Painter!

Slow and steady wins the race is my mantra this week…except I’m trying to find the slow gear…

I think I need to bring this painting next to my desk to remind me to slow my a$ down. 

How’s your week going?  Feel free to respond 🙂  

Enjoy this week’s newsletter with all the latest and greatest.

Stephanie 🙂

Happy Hour
"Happy Hour" 16x16" Original Oil Painting by Stephanie Weaver

Weekly Newsletter Content

  • 00:20;00 – SHOUT OUTS: 
    • Jackie,
    • Elizabeth,
    • Julie F and
    • Dolly
  • 03:27;06 – Weekly Discussion Topics
  • 04:58;06 – UPCOMING EVENT
    •  Members Only Q&ABe sure to register and submit your questions
    • Lunch and Learn: 5 Must Do Legal Tasks for New Business
    • Weekly Live Streams
  • 07:11;07 – NEW ART BUSINESS TIP:
  • 09:09;29 – CONCLUSION

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Video Transcription


[00:00:00] Hey, Positive Painters I”m Stephanie Weaver here to give you what’s happening and what’s coming up and the Positive Painter community, via video. And then there’s also a transcript, if you’d rather read, because I know some people read faster than I talk. So here’s what’s running down this week. OK, you ready? All right.


[00:00:22] So we have some shout outs. Some shout outs. Yay! OK, so this [00:00:30] week I wanted to give a shout out to Jackie, our newest member! You guys can read about her and check out her profile and all her fabulous work.

[00:00:40] She has a wide breadth of different artworks. I mean, this is seriously, seriously cool. I want to know your process. I want to understand what you’re thinking and how you’re putting together, because that is freaking awesome. I’m like, wow. So she’s got some nice, like, three dimensional collage [00:01:00] type works and then also some stunning, very vibrant oil paintings.

[00:01:05] So I am excited that you’re here, Jackie. Welcome to the group. I know you are going to be a phenomenal member and I can’t wait to see more of you and what you do. So welcome, Jackie.

[00:01:18] And then also, I wanted to give a shout out to Elizabeth. Elizabeth is keeping up her progress log. So a couple of weeks ago, we mentioned in one of the lunch and learns that we launched a progress log [00:01:30] where you can kind of keep track. It helps hold you accountable, keeps your thoughts and kind of one place and that sort of thing. And she has been, Elizabeth has been keeping up this progress logs and I actually read them.

[00:01:42] So not like out of judgement or anything, but it’s one of those that, you know, I search for ideas and inspiration pretty much all the time. And Elizabeth, I’m going to tell you, girl, I used to think I did a lot. I’m reading your stuff. And, girl, you’re making me tired, but you’re also inspiring me! So [00:02:00] it’s a lot of great stuff. You are doing amazing. Elizabeth. I’ve also been keeping track of your Instagram account. I can tell that you’re branding your Instagram and it’s looking so clean and I love your colors.

[00:02:14] I also want to give a shout out to two other members, Dolly and Julie F. You guys are already looking ahead to next month’s art motivation, where we’re doing cheesy cherubs and in a rococo [00:02:30] style, so you can kind of read about what they have in mind that they’re going to be doing, and that has inspired me as well.

[00:02:36] I’m excited to see all of the new projects coming up, as well as excited about seeing your artwork for this month’s monthly motivation where we created a winter landscape or a winter motif. So I know there’s quite a few of you guys that have some works that are in the works, so to speak. And so I look forward to seeing those. And [00:03:00] when they’re posted, I will award a badge, a splash badge. When you get five splash badges, I’m going to trade all those in for a palette badge. And so you can learn as many of those as you want, but five splashes get to one pallet, so it’s pretty cool.

[00:03:17] OK, so those are my shout outs. I’m so glad that you guys are here and you guys are the epitome of what a positive painter in our community is.

[00:03:25] And I’m very just beyond excited!


[00:03:30] Weekly [00:03:30] topics. So every week we come up with a weekly topic and you can catch up what’s done in the past and feel free to add in your comments and things on those if you haven’t already done so. But this week, I kind of envision that we all probably have that favorite piece of artwork that we’ve created ourselves.

[00:03:47] And so I kind of wanted to put a little fire under your feet, so to speak, like if you were to get out of your house safely with one piece of artwork that you created, which one would it be and [00:04:00] why? So there’s a little something different you can think about. And really, it really makes you also appreciate the work that you’ve done and how far you’ve come. So I want to see your responses for that and why that particular piece is drawn to you.

[00:04:14] Also every week we have the positive a pro members. If you would, leave your link to what you want us to share on our social media accounts. And remember, guys, when you share your link, you’re also supposed to share everybody else’s link within that field.

[00:04:28] And that way it just gets greater [00:04:30] reach for everyone. OK, it’s positive partner sharing.


[00:04:36] Ok, and then one of the things that I tried to do with the My Home area is keep everything that you need to know, like right here every week. So this is where I’m going to live during this newsletter right now. So you’ve got your weekly discussions always pinned to the top.

[00:04:52] You’ll also have over on the right side, these are upcoming meetings. So this Thursday, we have our members-only Q&A. If [00:05:00] you would go ahead and register for that, submit any questions that you may have ahead of time: if you’d like to do a website review, maybe even talk about your email funnels, some things like that, feel free to add those questions. And there we’ll do our best to get to all of them. And then if not, they may be great little posts that we can do in the future.

[00:05:21] (And I say we when it’s like a mouse is in my pocket, so I’m pretty busy. Eventually, I’m going to have more ‘we-s’ than I do right now. I do have a lady managing the server, [00:05:30] so that’s very handy.)

[00:05:32] So then the lunch and learn next month, we’ve got 5 must-do legal tasks for new businesses. So that’s we’re going to have a lady come in from California. She is a lawyer and is going to be talking specifically what do us creatives need to do for our businesses?

[00:05:48] Also on this page, we have our artists to watch.

[00:05:53] So these are live streams that go out weekly where artists Julie McCullough from JMA Planner, [00:06:00] she dedicates her time to live stream every week on Fridays. So to help us better plan our lives. This past week, I was live with her doing planning and we’re going to do that again this week. We had some pretty interesting fun topics. And I know we’ve got a topic lined up this week where we’re going to talk about basically how I am a failure [00:06:30] of a mom because I don’t plan my home life very well.

[00:06:34] I am excellent at planning my work life, but my home life not so much. So we’re going to talk a little bit about that. That’ll be nice and embarrassing if my face isn’t already red. B

[00:06:45] Then we also have every Monday live stream with sharpened artist John Middick, who is also in this community.

[00:06:52] So feel free to ping anybody because these guys are here not only to help other artists, [00:07:00] but because they like to be helped, too. So we’re all in this together. And this community, I love it.


[00:07:05] Every Tuesday, I’ve got art business tips that come out. So one was just launched Tuesday is 2 must-dos when you’re starting your business. So I put a little cricket in there.

[00:07:23] And so this is what it looks like, what to do when you start to hear those crickets. You know, you create something [00:07:30] fabulous, and then you kind of sit and wait and it’s the sound of crickets when you expected this big fanfare type thing. So what to do when you experience that and it’s actually a good thing and gives you some time to grow. And so talk about the 2 must-dos when you start your business. There are show notes for that.

[00:07:49] There’s also a survey. I’m going to be coming out with a tool that’s, something [00:08:00] that I created a couple of years ago, 2018, actually, and have been using and refining ever since. So I’m going to make that available to the Positive Painter Pro members. But I want your input because, you know, I do these things for you. I’m here to serve you guys. I wouldn’t be here without you.

[00:08:19] I want to make sure that it captures what you want to capture as you measure your growth. Very, very important. It’s one of the main components of the SMART goals. It’s the “measure”. [00:08:30] So we want to make sure that you have that in there.

[00:08:34] So go ahead and fill out that survey.(CLICK HERE) It will, you know, pop up additional questions if you want to measure other things. If you have other metrics, please feel free to provide those along with examples that you would like me to take a look at. And if I have any questions, I will certainly reach out. And that’s why I asked for the name and email address.

[00:09:00] So [00:09:00] that was the news blog post about our business tips. Got a little action for you there.


[00:09:08] Don’t forget Thursday, which is tomorrow. Sign up for members-only Q&A and bring any questions. I think of said that. Sometimes they talk really, really fast [00:09:30]…

[00:09:32] I think that’s about it for this week, if that’s just too much, let me know. But this month is coming to a wrap. And for next month, go ahead and start wrapping your mind around about the cheesy cherubs. And, you know, if you have Valentine’s stuff, be sure to post that onto your shop and start promoting that, which would also be a great thing to add into the social media sharing so that [00:10:00] we can share your Valentine posts.

[00:10:03] All right. Well, that’s it for this week.

[00:10:06] Until next time you guys stay safe, happy and healthy and happy painting.


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