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Hey Positive Painter!

Are you a workaholic?

To the people outside of my head, yes I am. To me, no I’m not – hello I do ART-WORK!  

You can say that’s denial, I’d say I simply love doing what I do and so I want to do it as much as humanly possible. 

So what does this have to do with art? 

Artist Workaholic

Well, last week’s discussion topic was “What is your favorite book and why?”  Artist’s Way was one of mine and Julie’s and I’m exploring the topic of Workaholic as a potential blocker for creativity….   

What is your favorite art book?

Check out this week’s current and upcoming events and topics in the video below and transcript (if you’d rather read it)!

Note: this newsletter does contain affiliate links to Amazon, which means that if you click on one and end up purchasing I receive a commission from Amazon. This also means I’ve provided valuable information to you! 🙂 

Weekly Newsletter Content

  • 00:21;18 – Shoutouts to
    • Elizabeth,
    • Julie 
    • Jason
  • 05:20 – Leaderboard update and Featured Artist
  • 08:01 – Planning for Creatives: Planning Mindfully with Action Part II is up WITH HOMEWORK
  • 09:37 – Weekly Art Business Tip in 10 minutes or less
  • 10:59 – Upcoming Events:
    • Members-only Lunch and Learn,
    • 5 Must Do Legal Tasks for New Businesses
    • Joint Planning Session with Jules 
  • 13:51 – Weekly Topics          

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Video Transcription

[00:00:00] Good morning, positive partners, and welcome to this week’s episode of your weekly newsletter. Were I talk about what’s coming up and kind of what’s happening.


One of the things that I try to start to do every time is give a shout out to our members that are just doing a phenomenal job. And so without further ado, I want to thank Elizabeth, Elizabeth and Julie and then also our newest member, Jason. 

Elizabeth, man, you are just [00:00:30] killing it! like it is before you even say anything, She is completing the lunch and learn homework!

[00:00:39] And, you know, we just had that meeting last Thursday. I just released it this morning and some of it yesterday. So she’s already gone through that and started working on that.

And then she started her homework people, her homework!

Just in case you don’t remember what your homework was for the lunch and learn that we had last Thursday, which was [00:01:00] planning mindfully with action part two, where we talked about basically how to plan and do some time blocking. So she is already doing the homework where you go into your progress logs.

I should actually clarify something, your homework. This is something that you should do from this point forward is a life change. It’s like altering your diet. You don’t diet for a short period of time. You make a life change in order to achieve lifetime results. So same things apply here.

We provided [00:01:30] you the tools and the information that you need to be able to plan your task and lock that time. Now it’s up to you to actually make that change in your life, to see the change in your life. And she is doing that.

So kudos to Elizabeth. I’m so excited for you. And you guys can actually read her progress log to and go – SNAP- that’s a great idea. I need to be doing that, too. So go do that structure structural progress logs so that you can keep track and have some accountability measures [00:02:00] as you move through your artistic career.

[00:02:04] Ok, so yeah.

[00:02:06] Check out Julie’s winter challenge artwork. So this month’s challenge is to create a winter scene. Now you guys are artists. Imagine what that can be. And I don’t mean that has to be painted. It could be digitally created. It can be because to my mindset that is painting, [00:02:30] whenever you put something onto paper, you are painting a scene. And whether that’s graphite colored pencil, digital artwork, oil painting, watercolor, it is painting a scene. It’s changing the view that we currently see. So, Julie is actually putting together a wolf scene with oil and winter. So I’m so excited to see what’s going to come of that.

I know Jason’s working on a graphite [00:03:00] drawing. I can’t wait to see what that looks like. No pressure. No pressure at all.

[00:03:05] So then I also wanted to give a shout out to Jason. He is our newest member and he is also killing it already and achieving his brushes.

[00:03:15] So he does now have a bronze brush, which means he’s completed the initial task, went through the initial welcome orientation.

[00:03:23] And I want to share with you guys a little bit about Jason here. So [00:03:30] let me get to the right thing here. OK, so over on my menu here, I can see people’s faces so recently, active members. So I want to click on Jason so you guys can actually check him out, too

No pressure, Jason. Just welcome you to the crew. 

And that’s where everybody will get to know you and can relate to some of the things that you’re doing. Because I when I read your profile, I was just like, oh, yeah, he’s he’s going to fit it really, really well with these goal [00:04:00] oriented artists. So Jason’s already filled out his profile here and his medium is actually graphite and color pencil, and he loves doing portraits. So naturally, my mind went to you, Candice, with portraits. I know you’re wanting to do more and more portraiture and you’re also exploring color pencil with another community member, John.

So there’s lots of great stuff going on here.

I’m so excited and welcome. I [00:04:30] also want to share with you guys some of his imagery. You can also check out his photos.

And if you haven’t put your photos out here of your work, go ahead and do that, because this is just a wonderful way to see what others are working on. And we all gain inspiration from each other. So I’m going to check out his photos. Oh, look at that little smooch face right there.

[00:04:53] Ok, I’ve had a lot of coffee.

[00:04:57] Look at those. How amazing.

[00:05:00] Are [00:05:00] those great details amazing drawing, so I am sure we’re going to be seeing more of Jason as we progress and our community. So welcome.

And great job, everyone. So excited that you’re just doing so many great things.


So speaking of doing so many great things that we are about Midway Point in this month, a little bit past, so I have an eye [00:05:30] on the future. What I’m looking at is our leaderboard. So our leaderboard, Candice, is leading this quarter. What that means is that the top three people at the end of this quarter will be awarded the featured artist spot. So featured are a spot you would get on the featured artist page and click on that and the featured artist page. It would look something like this, except maybe with your name on it. So what [00:06:00] I do is I put together your featured artists showcasing you, you provide your bio and you URL, and this is going across all my multiple social media platforms multiple times. And so that way ideally gets more exposure for you and it has back links going back to your website, which increases your SEO. If you’re not familiar with SEO, I have a great article about SEO. So it’s very important and something that you want to do and get your imagery [00:06:30] out there.

[00:06:32] All right.

[00:06:33] So that’s what you’re working towards with your positive pAINTER points each quarter. Those positive points reset so that you everybody has an opportunity to be a featured artist. It is based on points alone. So the more you interact, more courses you complete, the more challenges you complete. And with the recent feature, of sharing this [00:07:00] under your positive achievements, you have the ability to earn a lot of points. And I know this is how a couple the top two leaders right now are achieving this. They are sharing their referral link. And so you would go to your positive points and then click on your referral link. You can also see all the brushes that you’ve achieved and which ones you haven’t achieved yet and who has achieved them.

[00:07:28] So, look, [00:07:30] I have earned that one, neat.

[00:07:34] I didn’t know I did that. OK, so so this is a great place to kind of get that information and see what you’ve done. So we’ve got also in here a separate up. This is the quarter account.

[00:07:45] So you can see quarterly and then the overall who is in the overall leaderboard and where you kind of stand in it. And I do put only the top ten in there. So that is how you progress. OK, [00:08:00] as I mentioned earlier, the lunch and learn is now up so that you can go to your my courses. You’ll see planning for creatives. This is available right now for the positive Paisner pro members. If you’re a light member, it is an additional fee or you can just upgrade the positive or pro and get everything so including past lunch and learns.


[00:08:25] So planning mindfully for creatives is up.

[00:08:29] So like I mentioned before, [00:08:30] if you haven’t already gone through that, go ahead and go through that. Complete the homework. Homework does have links and all the reference materials that Julie provided.

I’ve also got a broken down the video so you can review it step by step. I’ll go ahead and click on that so you can see like what point and; step one, prioritize your goals. Step two, subgoal, step three and so on. So that way, if you have questions, you can just kind of skip to that particular section and do what you need to do.

The homework section identifies [00:09:00] your plan it worksheet so you can click there to gain your plan it worksheet and then your ideal week, which is pretty interesting task to take and then keeping track of your progress.

So we have your progress log, which I mentioned earlier, that Elizabeth is already doing, and then also will ensure your weekly win. So with the attitude of gratitude every week. Think about what really, really went well for you and what made you smile and add that to your weekly wins. It doesn’t necessarily [00:09:30] have to be art-related. It’s “art is your life and life is art”. So those are your weekly wins. All right.


So starting last week, I did our business tip.

[00:09:41] It’s ten minutes or less of a video explanation of the art business tip. Last week, it was focused on smart goals. This week, we are focused on overcoming obstacles and those smart goals.

So [00:10:00] those are available on the blog and there are business tips, you can also watch them and interact with me on Facebook or YouTube every Tuesday at noon. And again, it’s only ten minutes. So it’s just kind of a quick thing. I’ll repost everything.

The transcript is here in case you read faster than I talk. And then there’s usually a little downloadable with things, but not always. So you can always check that [00:10:30] out.

Every Tuesday. The second episode is was released on the 19th at 12 o’clock. And again, that one was about overcoming those obstacles.

The next one, Episode three is going to be about longevity and stamina to achieve your art goals, something that I think we all have a little bit of trouble with. So we’re going to be talking about that.


Some events that are coming up to our [00:11:00] events. We have got all the weekly things coming up. Also want to point out the Friday, the22nd, we’re doing something a little bit different with planning with Jules.

[00:11:09] So Julie and I are actually going to get on YouTube together and share our planning techniques together.

[00:11:19] So we’re going to be having our coffee and chatting about our planning and all the obstacles and thoughts that we have in place that we have whenever we go through our planning. All [00:11:30] right. Join us Friday morning at 9:00 a.m. You can register here so you get the email reminders.

Also, don’t forget about John Middick. Every Monday, the sharpened artist. He is working on an eye color pencil study, which is really quite good. I’m not a color pencil artist myself, but I did pick up some great tips from him this past Monday. Including like this little suction blower thingy that you can use to blow off your [00:12:00] eraser shavings, which we all erase. And I don’t like touching it with my hand, really. So that a little blower thing was really a great idea without having to use your mouth with fear of, like, you know, getting spit on the paper.

[00:12:16] Stuff happens. OK.

[00:12:18] All right, and then also don’t forget and register for members-only Q&A and submit your questions to the members, only Q&A. There is a form down below. So [00:12:30] if there are questions that you already have and you want to talk about those, we’ll have that in here. I know Elizabeth is also probably interested in having us go through her website. So this is a great opportunity for website review, too. If that is something that you’re looking at, we can go through that, talk through it and be very interactive conversation, walk away with some actionable items to change.

[00:12:54] All right. It’s going to take a sip here by one of my mugs. They’re awesome. It [00:13:00] says, wait until this is empty and then I’ll be ready to pay. So, yeah, it’s like a 20 ounce. All sorts of coffee can go in here, man. I’ll tell you. OK.

[00:13:11] Also coming up, last but certainly not least is next month’s lunch and learn where we do. Five must do legal tasks for new businesses. Go ahead and register for that. I guarantee there’s going to be some nuggets of information there that is going to be valuable to all of us creatives. So [00:13:30] be sure to register for that. If you have any questions, submit those questions to the link so that company can prepare ahead of time.

[00:13:39] All right.

[00:13:41] So that is it for this week and next week. Again, you guys keep up the great work and until next time, you stay safe, happy and healthy and happy painting.


Oh, my gosh, I almost forgot. So I got one more thing. So don’t forget this week’s topic of the week, our discussion of the week. This one is where or when [00:14:00] do you get your best ideas? So last week we talked about art books. Go ahead and check out that discussion of the week. You can go to your groups, click on weekly discussions and go check out the weekly discussions.

You can even go to past discussion topics, put in your input, your insights, your books. I tell you, I’m going to grab a book that I hadn’t read before, which is called The Art of War or is it a war of art?

[00:14:25] Hold on. There’s a book that Julie recommended.

[00:14:29] It’s called [00:14:30] War of Art. OK, yeah, I haven’t read that one yet, so I’m going to go check that one out.

So if there are some great art books that you’ve put out there that you’ve read, add them to this forum so that we can check it out and learn.

There are lots of other great topics in here, be sure to go ahead and review those and add in your insights, because we actually want to know.

[00:14:53] All right, until next time. Again, you guys stay safe, happy and healthy, and happy painting.


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