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Hey Positive Painter!

This week I got a bit emotional on the newsletter – sorry, not sorry, – you guys brought tears of joy to my eyes!   You are the reason I keep pushing myself day after day because I see the benefit of this community with they joy you give and the sharing of knowledge. 

You are amazing!  

Keep sharing and learning – you make this community of joy!

Thank you

Weekly Newsletter Content

  • 00:13;18 – Shout out to the Community Members; Elizabeth, Sandi, Julie
  • 0:03;17 – Monthly Art Motivation
  • 4:34;00 – Weekly Topic
  • 5:11;00 – Giveaway Reminder
  • 5:42;00 – New Blog Posts about SMART Art Goals
  • 6:39;17 – Upcoming Events
  • 9:38;00 – Live Oil Painting On Youtube

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Video Transcription

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[00:00:01] Hey, Positive Painters, welcome to another weekly newsletter where we’re talking about what’s going on and what’s coming up.

So Proud Of You Artists!!!

Before I really dive into what’s coming up and what’s been going on. I want to thank you, the community, for what you’ve done. You actually brought tears to my eyes this morning because a year ago I had a vision of where I wanted this community to go and what I wanted it to happen. And you guys are making it happen and I got a little teary-eyed this morning. Because I was just going through and scrolling through it, seeing your interactions with each other, seeing the wealth of knowledge between, you know, we’ve got Julia McCullough. She has a really amazing planner as well and a designer. And then she’s posting on here about playing with Resin.

Then we’ve got an artist, Candice. Candice is coming on here and she is exploring oil painting for the first time over the last year and a half, I think, with a 40 year break. And now she’s also signed up to take pencil drawing classes, colored pencil drawing classes.

Then you get Elizabeth coming in and she’s a watercolor artist and she is taking one of my oil painting classes on how to paint a rooster and modifying that to paint a rooster in watercolor.

It’s this wonderful breadth of artistry that is going on in this community, and it is just a breath of fresh air in comparison to everything else is going on in the world right now. This is the Positive Painter community.

[00:01:48] Do you guys have no idea how happy you have made me? This is what I wanted it I wanted to see happen. So this is our artist haven away from all the noise of everything that’s going on in the world right now.

[00:02:08] Hold on one second.

[00:02:12] OK? So, so excited. All right.

[00:02:16] So I’m going to give a couple of little shout-outs. I’ve already given a shout out to Elizabeth and Julie and Candice for expanding your creative knowledge. It’s just phenomenal. You guys are just phenomenal. I’m so proud of you!

[00:02:32] And I was about to give a shout out, Sandi. Sandi, you are killing it with the brushes. You’re really just, I’m still kind of pulling away tears here… You are really doing a fantastic job of working through the curriculum and just learning and diving in with everything that you can. I saw your hydrangea and it is looking so good, those leaves, Sandi, you have got the greens down and green and purple and pink are some of the hardest colors, I think, to get in flowers. So you are doing phenomenal. Look at the veins in this painting. Well done!

[00:03:13] So excited. OK, you guys are awesome.

Monthly Motivation – Winter Landscape

[00:03:16] This month, not that you guys need it really it, but we have the monthly motivation where we are painting a winter landscape

So to help facilitate that this month the positive painter pro and the positive painter lite have access to a course that I’m developing this month. So, you know, it’s tried and true. You’re watching me paint it. These are the colors that I’m using and you’re presented with all the materials that you need to be able to replicate if you desire the painting that I’m working on. Or you could take the knowledge that I’m providing and put that into your own painting. That’s kind of up to you on how you want to use this resource. 

The purpose and the motivation for this month is to develop or paint, create a winter landscape. So you will find that under your my courses and it’s called Paint a Winter Landscape. (You guys will find that I’m pretty solid in my naming conventions because, you know, I’m creative, my artwork, not with my name anyway.) 

So that is your monthly motivation. 

Go ahead and get started on that.
I can’t wait to see what you guys have to present and show and share in the community.


Weekly Topic and Social Sharing

This week’s weekly topic is what is your favorite art book? And maybe you’ve got some great art quotes to include in that or, you know, something that is just really sparse. Let us know what your favorite art book is and include a link to that artbook so we can go check that out as well.

[00:04:52] And then also this week for the positive painter pro members, as always, we’ve got our social media sharing links. So go ahead and post. Is there anything that you want us to share on our social media platforms? Ideas, sharing is caring. So go ahead and share the links that are in there to support your fellow artist.

Giveaway Reminder

Also, remember this week we’ve got actually this month we have a giveaway. It’s the twenty, twenty-one giveaway. And if you go to www.stephanieweaverartist.com/2021-giveaway, you can enter to win up to three months of Positive Painter Pro Plus, which gives you one hour a month for three months of art business coaching where we talk one on one and start developing a strategy to help your business grow and set the systems in place.


New Blog Posts

Also new this week is actually two new blog posts. They all centered around the same topic, SMART goals. So if you’re not familiar with SMART, well, that is a mnemonic device to which you can learn about the five key ingredients that go into a good goal. So it’s achievable and measurable. That is one of the blog posts.

The other blog post is a weekly video that I’m going to start doing where I give some art business tips in less than ten minutes. It’ll play nicely with the article. So that you can download the worksheet within that article and begin creating your SMART goals.

[00:06:23]  For the positive panel members, you can find that worksheet actually in your art resources. So if you go to my home and the members-only resources, you will find those downloadable words. Sheets right in your members-only online resources.

Upcoming Events

All right, we’ve got two events coming up this week and next week. So go ahead and register for these events. You’re going to go to www.stephanieweaverartist.com/online-event and sign up.

We’ve got Plan Mindfully With Action Part II. So if you were in part one, be sure to bring your homework, which was your vision board and several other pieces. If you haven’t done it yet, go and take part one of the course and come prepared for Thursday so that you can move forward with that. If you missed part one and part two, the course will be available to the Positive Painter Pro Members and Lite Members can purchase that additional fee.

We also have every Friday Live Stream Planning Sessions where artist Julie McCullough and professional designer of the JMA planner will go online and share with you what she does to plan her week out to achieve her goals.

Then we have every Monday with artist John Middick. He’s also the voice and the author of the Sharpened Artist Podcast and Sharpened Artist Academy, where he teaches color pencil and he is phenomenal. He goes live on YouTube and Facebook to work on a color pencil study.

[00:08:02] So be sure to attend that. He is very interactive and talks with people who attend.

Every Tuesday. I come on YouTube and Facebook where I am presenting an Art Business Tip in less than 10 minutes. Where you provided some action to walk away and apply it to your art business.

To be sure to mark all these, go ahead and register so that you’re able to attend, follow and subscribe to all of these Facebook and YouTube so you get notified before the event occurs.

Also coming up on the 28th of this month is the Members Only Q&A. So if you have a question that you would like to dive in-depth with me live and you are a member of a positive painters pro or positive painter Lite, go ahead and go to the members-only Q&A and register for the event. There’s also a form to fill out with any questions that you may have. And if you have artwork, you would place that artwork here if you would like that to be reviewed as well.

And planning ahead, go ahead and register for the upcoming event in February where Kiffanie is going to be coming to lunch and learn with 5 Must Do Legal Tasks For New Businesses. She has included in there a link for you to go to with any questions that you may have so that she can come prepared to the meeting with answers to your questions and make sure you register.

[00:09:34] That’s on February 11th and submit your questions prior to the event.

Live Painting On Youtube.

[00:09:39] One last thing before we wrap this thing up, if you are not, subscribe to our YouTube channel, go ahead and go to YouTube. It’s www.youtube.com/artfurpaws. I went live last Thursday to complete an oil painting of oranges and say you can sit and watch that or you can actually paint along with me because both parts are up on YouTube right now. And this is just something I went out there and did. And occasionally I talk. But more often than not it’s like me just painting and occasionally talking like we would in a studio.

So I hope you enjoy that.

Be sure to subscribe like all that jazz.

As far as when I go on YouTube for a live painting session, honestly, that’s when I feel like it. I’m going to keep a schedule for the art business tips, which is every Tuesday at 12, we’ll do these live streams for our newsletter. It’s going to be coming out every Wednesday. But when I paint, I paint and I paint because I want to paint. So I can’t really schedule that or just kind of takes away all the joy of it.

So even when you take my courses, what you’ll start to notice is that I paint them and then afterward I do the voiceover to help explain everything. So it’s just an enjoyable experience and you get to see me like in my native habitat, so to speak.


So that’s it for this week. I hope you enjoyed it. And I can’t wait to see what you guys are going to paint for your winter landscapes and all the other interactions, the books that you’re going to share with us. I can’t wait. As a reader, I love books. And they say not all leaders are readers, but all readers are leaders.

[00:11:31] That right.

[00:11:34] But not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are OK. So here it is. Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers. And I know in this community right here, we’ve got some leaders who are readers. So I can’t wait to see what books you have!

Until next time you guys stay safe, happy and healthy and happy painting!


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