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Hey Positive Painter!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Do you ever feel like there is so much to do but so little time?  If yes, well I hate to be the bearer of bad news..but that means then you aren’t planning right. 

BUT the good news is, we are here to help you to focus your time better to allow you to carve out more creative time!

This month the focus putting the SMART in Your Art Goals and measuring your goals.  

Happy New year

Weekly Newsletter Content

  • 00:22;18 – Monthly Art Motivation
  • 2:04;03 – Weekly Topic
  • 3:10;08 – Giveaway Announcement
  • 5:13;11 – Shout out to Dolly and Candice
  • 6:37;17 – Upcoming Events
  • 10:00;27 – Upcoming Blog Posts and Goal Tool
  • 11:07;25 – Change to Newsletter Release Dates
  • 11:50;03 – Conclusion and Actions

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Video Transcription


[00:00:00] Positive Painters. I’m Stephanie Weaver, fine art artist and founder of the Positive Painters Online Community, where we bring artists together that are goal-oriented and who are looking to take their art and their art business further. So welcome to this week’s video newsletter, where we’re going to talk about what’s going on and what’s coming up.

Monthly Art Motivation

Paint a Winter Landscape

[00:00:20] This month’s monthly art motivation, which is located under our challenges, aka it a monthly motivation’s. This month’s monthly motivation is to paint a winter scene.

[00:00:36] So whether you’re a painter, photographer, watercolorist, whatever media that you use, show off your winter scenes. Click on January 2021 monthly art motivation and put your artwork in there so that we can see all that you have to offer and what gorgeous winter scenes that you create with your creative eye.

To support this initiative, I have also put together a paint a winter landscape course that I’m building over the course of this month available to Positive Painter light and positive painter pro members for this month (Pro members will continue to have access while members).

And you’ll see that I include a supply list, reference materials, and a color mixing guide, and so on. I break it down step by step so that you can take these courses or these lessons and digest them based on your schedule. You can pause, rewind them, whatever you need based on your schedule.

[00:01:37] And then I also encourage you, even if you’re a color pencil artist, watercolors, photographer, go ahead and take a look at these because they are very informative about color. I focus a great deal on color and how to build the colors to where the perspective is relational to what you would actually see in real life. So go ahead and take a look at that and adapt it to what your medium is.

Weekly Discussion

[00:02:04] The weekly topic for this week is about: What is your favorite part of the creation process? So when we think about the creation process, it’s just that – it’s a process, it’s a life cycle, has a beginning and has an end.  So it starts with an idea then refining the idea all the way to completion.

My favorite part is that probably the second the last part where I get to add in those final details, that really just kind of make it come to life. The least favorite part for me is actually putting all the paint on the palette. But you got to do some of the bad to get to the good, right. My question for you is, what is your favorite part of the creation or creative process? And then what’s your least favorite. Talk about that a little bit here in our community. Love to hear your thoughts on that.

Social Media Sharing

[00:02:57] And like every week, go ahead and post any link that you have that you want us to share in the positive community. Just click here to share your link and share others’ links. 


Giveaway Image For Instagram

[00:03:09] Also new this month is a giveaway.

[00:03:12] I am hosting a giveaway where you have the chance to win up to three months of positive painter pro plus membership.  Click here to enter and/or learn more. 

Shout Outs To Dolly and Candice

[00:05:13] All right. In the positive painter community, I want to give a couple shout outs. So we’ve had some really great ones this week.

[00:05:20] I want to give a shout-out to Dolly sold a gingerbread man Christmas tree skirt that she designed using her artwork.

[00:05:33] She followed the program four day print on demand challenge. She followed that and created an Etsy shop all this past year. And she just sold a tree skirt that she designed.

[00:05:51] Congratulations, Dolly!

And I also want to give a shout out to Candice. Candice is killing it in the positive painter points.

[00:05:59] Candice jumped up really super quickly and she did it all because she shared her referral link on her Facebook and in neighborhood.com app that she belongs to. So there are lots of opportunities.

If you share your positive painter referral link, you get one hundred points when someone clicks your link! So she quickly, quickly jumped up with thanks to her artist friends supporting her and checking us out.

[00:06:30] Congratulations, Candice. Well done. That’s just amazing. Thank you!

Upcoming Events

[00:06:41] We have lots of events coming up! I’m working with a couple of other artists to ensure that we provide this positive community a go-to place that has some great offerings for you to expand not only our business but your art. So if you go up to events, you’ll notice there are some new things here. We’ve got our live stream.

Live stream with Julie McCullough

[00:07:04]  Julie McCullough, who is the creator of the JMA planner,  is going live every Friday at nine a.m. Central on YouTube to talk about her planning and kind of how she does it.

[00:07:39] I sat on this last Friday, and it was really pretty fun being able to chat with some of the other ladies and just kind of talk it about like, oh, my gosh, Julie’s handwriting is phenomenal and we talked about color-coding.

[00:07:54] and how to get organized in this new year to achieve the life that we want. Right. So be sure to put that on your calendar.

You can also register here. You can click on the event itself and you will receive email notifications reminding you to go ahead and hop on that. You can also export it into your Google calendar or your iPhone iOS calendar. So that’s one of the events we’ve got coming up every single week.

Sharpened Artist Live stream

[00:08:27] Starting on January 11th with a the Sharpened artist, this is artist John Middick. He is a color pencil artist. You’ll see him also in the community. And he is a phenomenal instructor and artist who focuses on color pencil. You can also check out his podcast.

John will live stream every Monday at 9:00 a.m. with what he is drawing on. So it’s a great opportunity for you to get out your color pencils, even if it’s something you haven’t done since you were in grade school. Get out those color pencils and really start to learn from a very experienced and an award-winning artist, John. It starts on January 11th every Monday at 9:00 a.m..

Plan Mindfully with action Part I (1)

[00:09:12] Also coming up this month, we are going to continue part two of planning mindfully with action.

[00:09:20] So go ahead and click on this launch and learn plan mindfully with action. It is on January 14th from 12 to one thirty Central Time. Click on this register for the event so that you get the email notifications and the zoom link so that you can attend. Now, this is the second part.

[00:09:38] If you missed the first part you can go to and you are a positive painter pro member, you can go over to your my courses. And that will bring up this planning for creative’s plan mindfully with action for the replay, and  get the homework and be prepared for part two.

Blog Posts Coming Up

[00:10:01]  This week, I’m going to release a blog post all about putting the SMART in your Art goals. And if you are not familiar with SMART, this is going to be a great blog post for you, including a downloadable so that you can start defining your SMART Art goals. So be on the lookout for that.

Coming This Month: New SMART ART Goal Tool 

measuring tape

[00:10:32] Towards the end of this month, for the positive painter pro members, I’m going to release a tool that will be available to you to measure your goals all throughout the next year.

The only way to tell if you’re on track is to measure and keep those things in your mind so that you are accountable. So this will be a tool that will be extremely valuable for you and your art and your art goals. Again this will be available to the Positive Painter Pro Members only.

Change In Newsletter Release Dates

[00:11:07] So one final note. I am going to start releasing these newsletters on Wednesdays rather than Mondays because I find that all of us are getting way too many emails on Monday. So I don’t want to get lost in the shuffle because there’s a lot going on in here. And I know we are all busy on Mondays and about Wednesday, I think we can all probably appreciate a little bit of inspiration so that we can push through the week and continue to achieve our goals and love our art and love everything that we do.

[00:11:41] So be on the lookout. Starting next week, this newsletter is going to be released every Wednesday instead of Monday.

Conclusion and Actions

[00:11:51] I think that’s about it for this week, so be sure to:

  • answer the weekly question about your favorite part of the creative process.
  • Make sure that you register for upcoming events and complete your homework and
  • then also be on the lookout for these newsletters starting next week, on Wednesday instead of Monday.

So until next time, you guys stay safe, happy, and healthy. And happy painting!

[00:12:17] Bye


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