Stephanie Weaver Floral Art Collection

Floral Art Collection Announcement

I know many people are considering this social isolation a pile of crap.  ​I don’t know where I heard the phrase, even a flower can grow in a pile of crap – I’m pretty sure which side of my family tree I heard it from 😁... It has a distinct twist from the adage “make lemonade from lemons” right 😁​. Anywho…


What’s funny (not haha-funny, but hm-funny), is that no matter what political side you are on, if you take away the blame/pain (same thing in my mind) both sides agree it is a big pile of stinking, stick to the bottom of your shoe -crap.  (I bet this is the first post you’ve read in years that references crap so much  😁​ ).

Anyway, what’s my point?  I am one of the people who sees silver lining, sure I get down a bit, worry a bit, but then I paint and my mind quiets down, and the worry subsides and I can make the flowers grow from this environment.  While I was painting this series of 10 paintings, one thought kept going through my mind ‘When I imagine what God does for fun the answer I heard was ‘I create’ ‘ – I love that thought.

So out of this steaming pile of societal crap I am bringing beautiful floral paintings.  

Over the next 10 days I’m going to share with you the entire collection and the significance behind each, as I release each story they will become available for purchase.  The pieces will be available to purchase as:

Check out my work on my Shop and purchase something for yourself or for a loved one. These flowers don’t require water and will never die.

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