Oil Painting Project: Pretty Pink Cascading Flowers

Painting Cascading Pink Flowers

Social Distancing – it’s not a bad thing

I have gone a week without talking to anyone. That wasn’t something I did lightly. it wasn’t forced or required, it was something I needed to do for me.  I put myself in self-isolation.  The funny thing is so many of us artists call it a sabbatical.

My husband at the time was deployed, and the kids went to my in-laws for a whole week.  I called my parents and told them I wouldn’t be answering the phone for the next several days, I told them I wasn’t upset or anything, I just needed a break from people.  I had prepared meals so I didn’t have to worry or consider what to eat, I had all my paint supplies – essentially I geared up for me time.

Now it is like the whole world is experiencing this me time, a sabbatical of sorts. 

You are in a unique time in history, one where you get to stay within your 4 walls and reconnect with what is your sanctuary, your home, and your family and yourself. That is what comes from isolation – you have time to reflect, time to care for what you have rather than pursuing what you don’t have.  So what are you doing with your time?


If you have always wanted to paint, or are wanting to enhance your skills I am now offering weekly oil painting sessions online that I’m calling Paint Along.  

Check out these Oil Painting Classes!

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