Oil Painting Project: How to Paint Chocolate Chip Cookie

How to paint chocolate chip cookies

I never really realized how much of a child I still am until I started painting these sweets 😁, first it was Homer Simpson with the Donuts and now it is the Cookie Monster 🍪 …Anyway,


Oil Painting Techniques

No matter how simple the subject there is so much complexity to achieve a life-like result.  This oil painting video tutorial has some fabulous oil painting insights that you get to practice in a fun and practical way.  Here are some of the oil painting techniques that you will use when creating this painting: 

Such an awesome treat in so many ways!

What does it mean “Fat over Thin” or “Fat Over Lean”?

Ah, great question!  What does it mean Fat Over Thin, also often referred to as “Fat Over Lean” – when I first learned how to oil paint I thought it meant to keep the paint thin until you are ready to lay on the paint thickly.  It seemed logical, right?!

What fat over thin is referencing to is the amount of linseed oil or binding agent (aka Fat) that is in the paint.

Why should we keep it “Fat Over Thin”?

It is important to be aware of the amount of fat that is mixed with the pigment because the amount of “fat” to pigment ratio determines the speed the paint dries.

So let’s chew on that fat for a minute 😁🎨 (painting pun intended); the paint dries at different rates due to the amount of oil to pigment ratio.

The more fat, the longer it is going to take to dry.  If you put the fat first (which you are not supposed to do), then the paint on top of the fat paint may dry faster than the paint below and BOOM! You have cracking and flaking of the paint over time!

Mona Lisa detail eyes cracked oil painting Fat over thin
Avoid cracking oil paint by adhering to the rule “Fat Over Thin” also called “Fat Over Lean”.

Proper Oil Painting Technique to Adhere to the Rule “Fat Over Thin”

Here is what you want to happen to avoid cracking:

1st Layer = Thin the paint with Gamsol; this will reduce the amount of Fat (aka oil) in the paint and enable the paint to dry faster.  This is keeping the paint thin (aka lean).

2nd Layer = Increase the oil content by adding a medium like Galkyd fast-drying medium

3rd Layer (if needed) = Increase the oil content by continuing to add Galkyd and alternate with Neo Megilp when you need or want to glaze.

Final Layer – Increase the oil by adding Solvent-Free Gel to the paint and get a fabulous shine to the oil paint and thick, gorgeous brush strokes.

Here is a link to all the products that I use for my oil paintings and after 20+ years of painting, not a single one has cracked because I adhered to the rule of “Fat Over Thin”

Online Oil Painting Course Preview

All of my oil painting courses follow the rule “Fat Over Thin” to ensure the longevity of the paintings.  Check out the course preview below. 

What is a Weekly Oil Painting Project?

🎬Each week, I release a video that walks you step-by-step through how to paint a particular subject.  The weekly oil painting projects are defined to show complex techniques in easy and beautiful subjects, so that you may grow and enhance your skills in purposeful study and application.   

What does this do for you?  The best way to enhance a skill, and oil painting is a skill that becomes a gift, is to practice with purposeful intent.  I provide a purpose-driven painting so you can build and grow your oil painting skill-set. 

Note: this post contains affiliate links which means while I’m giving free content if you purchase from my recommended supplies I can make a small commission. – thanks!

Who is this oil painting project good for?

Anyone looking for inspiration, develop and refine their oil painting techniques, oil painting skills and find their style through purposeful and guided instruction.

These are also great for the paint and sip parties, bachelorette parties, sorority parties, fundraisers etc.  You can paint by yourself or with a group of people.  In the paint along you’ll watch a video, pause and paint from the comfort of your home! 

What to Expect?

🎨🎬OIL PAINTING: Throughout the video, you will see me, my palette and my canvas so you won’t miss a move.

Here is a listing of the oil painting supplies I recommend.  Click Here

Note: if you don’t have the colors that I use, don’t sweat it too much, use the colors that you have now and when you decide to purchase additional colors then paint it again.  Just know that your painting, regardless of whether you have the colors will still be different than mine, because paints are like thumbprints, each one is unique to its owner. 

Reference Images

Reference images and supply list are included in the supplemental materials in the online video course.

Optional Purchase (and recommended)

Instead of purchasing each project each week, you can become a Monthly Member!  Here are the perks of being a monthly member: 

  • Paint from the comfort of your home!
  • Self-paced instruction
  • Monthly Membership – Cancel anytime
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