Oil Painting Project: How to Paint Chocolate Cake

How to paint chocolate cake

In this fun little weekly oil painting class, we are painting something sweet!  But let me tell you, this sweet treat is jammed packed with the right ingredients for a fabulous painting!

What is challenging in this oil painting class?

Every oil painting has a challenge, whether it is the composition, technique, or color.  In this week’s oil painting video class, the challenge is combining several oil painting techniques: 

  • scumbling
  • glazing

What is scumbling?

Scumbling is an oil painting technique in which a layer of broken, speckled color is added over another color so that parts of the Screen Shot 2020 03 03 at 8.38.09 PMprevious layers show.  Tools for scumbling are your paintbrush and/or palette knife.

This scumbling oil painting technique requires a very light touch. What you want to happen is for the paint to grab where it wants to grab onto the canvas.  The scumbling oil painting technique is perfect to make the highlights on the icing and cake!

🎨🎨For more another fabulous painting where we use scumbling, check out “How to Paint This Cute Otter”🎨🎨

What is the glazing oil painting technique?

Glazing is an oil painting technique in which we apply thin layers using a medium.  I use the medium Neo Megilp (you can read more about mediums here).  By applying the paint thinly on top of the previous layer without mixing in,  it allows the previous layer’s hues and strokes to be seen.  Glazing is fabulous for creating complex eyes, glass, and anything you want to have a great deal of depth.

You’ll use the glazing technique on the plate in the Chocolate Cake painting.

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There is more to this painting!

In the following short clip, I’ll discuss the subject, chocolate cake, in terms of:

  • triangle composition
  • rule of 3rds
  • analogous color palette.

Through weekly oil painting class, you will:

  • purposefully grow your knowledge of oil painting techniques
  • develop and refine your oil painting skills
  • develop and refine your oil painting style
  • develop and refine your understanding of what makes great art

This is the 1st of 4 sweet video oil painting tutorials that teach you how to use oil painting techniques and design in a fun and practical way.  This delectable chocolate and raspberry cake is the first of these sweet treat video tutorials.  🍨🧁🍰

In this class you will learn:

  • Scumbling oil painting technique
  • Glazing oil painting technique
  • Fat over thin

And the following design considerations for a good oil painting composition

  • Rule of 3rds
  • Triangle Composition
  • Color Theory: analogous and complementary colors

Register for the class here: 

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