Members Only Q&A

Members Only Q&A
In this very relaxed member Only Q&A session we had two Positive Painter Pro members join me with a couple of focus area questions. Dolly is working on completing the 4 Day Challenge to Create Passive Income using her artwork and Julie who is beginning to use Photoshop to help refine her commissions BEFORE she begins creating the painting. Topics Covered In this Q&A, we cover some of the Basics of Photoshop that include: How to size an imageHow to create a Triangle GridHow to use the Smart Object Selection Lasso Tool to remove the backgroundHow to add text to an image in PhotoshopHow to bring two images together to create a unique sceneHow to take a PNG file and place it into the size needed for a Print on Demand Product As you’ll see that because we are a growing community, the few members that participate in the offerings…

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